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We’re experienced Florida injury attorneys. Your case is personal to you. But rest assured we’ve probably handled one like it before for other clients – successfully.

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Been There, Won That.

Your case is our top priority. We’re going to be there for you 1000%. We mean that. Call, text or email to speak with a lawyer.  Anytime.  We’ll discuss your recovery, legally and financially. We’ll advance all costs to prosecute your claim, and there is no fee until you win.

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Who We Are


Henry A. Seiden

One judge wrote that a bad faith insurance case that Henry won for his clients before the Supreme Court of Florida changed Florida’s legal landscape. Henry believes being a lawyer means that if a mountain stands in his client’s way, the mountain is going to have to move. It’s with that determination and will that he’s won case after case and is ready to take on yours.


Tracey Baker

Winning a case is not limited to a courtroom. Settlements are favored and quicker. In many instances, a case can get settled out of court by capable, knowledgeable and savvy attorneys like Tracey Baker. She prides herself on obtaining settlements for the insurance policy limits without having to go to trial. Knowing the law, practicing it and caring about her clients is what motivates Tracey. When she negotiates top settlements without the angst and expense of trial, that’s a win-win for her clients.

As a Team

Henry and Tracey are excellent on their own, but even more exceptional when they combine their decades of experience. Often, they collaborate to produce results in excess of policy limits when the available insurance simply isn’t enough to cover all damages. With both Henry and Tracey on your side, you will have the strength of a powerhouse legal team.

"Some think inside the box. Others think outside the box. We think there is no box."

- Henry A. Seiden

What We Do

At Seiden Law, we have your back. Our focus is on vehicular accidents, insurance claims, slip and falls, employment problems, wrongful death, and more.

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