Vehicular accidents

Insurance providers are in the business of determining who is at fault.  And they will try to pin responsibility on the victim. That could very well be you.  You can’t face down a corporate-sized legal department on your own. You need help. And you need an advocate.  We help you understand your rights.  And we will protect you from accepting less than exactly what you are owed. Seiden believes in the power of knowing your own rights, and has recovered millions of dollars in damages from insurance companies, regardless of policy limits. At Seiden, we fight the battle for you.  Because we know the battlefield.

Insurance Claims


No one expects to be in an accident or get exposed to COVID-19 due to someone else’s negligence. It can literally and figuratively knock you off your feet, or worse. You may not know where to turn or what to do to take care of yourself and the people that depend on you. We can help you and your family. Let us aggressively pursue getting you the compensation you deserve. Personal injury is our business. We will make sure those responsible are held accountable, whether they ran a red light or unreasonably exposed you to COVID-19. Seiden Law will give you the legal support to obtain the compensation you need to make things right again.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation owes you money for COVID-19 illness if you became exposed in connection with your workplace (healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, laboratory staff, first responders, grocery employees, food deliverers, etc.) You did your job. Took care of everyone else. Thank you. Now we can get workers compensation to take care of you.


It is challenging to manage all that goes into running a business. (That’s when things are running smoothly.) When your commercial property or business is affected by unforeseen events like COVID-19, the pressure to remain operable and successful is compromised. Insurance companies often take a tremendous amount of time to review your claim. They took your premium dollars but suddenly they’re not so friendly anymore. Why is that? Because by lengthening the time it takes to pay your claim, they put you in a vulnerable position. Perhaps making you anxious for any settlement and greatly underestimating what you truly deserve. That is why it is imperative that you have access to the help you need and a firm that can represent your interests. Seiden Law diligently processes and prosecutes your case, assuring you get every dollar you deserve. We have decades of experience in protecting our clients from being victimized by insurance company bad faith tactics. Better yet, most times we get them to pay your attorney’s fees.

Slip and Falls

No individual should ever fall victim to unsafe conditions in a business or property. Period. It is the legal duty of the owner or operator to maintain a safe environment for others, and to warn people where potential dangers might lie. In spite of this, buildings and commercial properties often neglect hazardous conditions, frequently resulting in serious injuries. If an accident happens to you, it is vital to have an ally who can present evidence that danger existed, get you the money you deserve, and prevent the same injury happening to someone else.

Employment Problems

Trouble at work is huge. Discrimination, retaliation and harassment by employers, supervisors and co-workers cause workers financial disaster and emotional turmoil. Very strong laws protect you from being victimized at work based on race, sexual harassment, your age, pregnancy, gender, place of birth, unequal pay, whether you are disabled, even making a worker’s compensation claim. Know your rights? We do. Tell us your story. We want to hear . . .  and help.

Wrongful Death

Nothing can replace a loved one. The pain of losing someone you care about is devastating.  When death happens as the result of another’s negligence, it compounds the pain. Beyond the emotional impact, there can be unexpected and overwhelming expenses–lost income, funeral cost or medical bills. We can’t bring back the loved ones you’ve lost. But solid representation can provide you with sound first steps. We can offer you peace of mind that we will work for you, so you and your family can at least have the financial security you require and deserve. Throughout the process, we’ll always be sensitive to the magnitude of your loss.


In addition, we’ve successfully represented clients damaged by nursing home negligence, medical malpractice and uninsured motorists. You shouldn’t be the victim of another person’s negligence. End of story. Never jeopardize your recovery, and never settle for anything less than what you’re entitled to. Get the representation you need. From people you can trust. To get you the money you deserve.

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